Polished Concrete Floors Sunshine Coast

What are polished concrete floors on the sunshine coast?

If you want to achieve a no-wax needed surface, you should consider getting polished concrete floors on the Sunshine Coast. Here at Qepoxy, we make sure every flooring solution we deliver is guaranteed to last for many years. To achieve this, we only work with the most trusted materials we have already tried and tested. From measuring the space, to preparation, down to completion, we ensure to provide precision.

With over ten years of experience, we have witnessed different epoxy flooring trends that have emerged. That’s why we are confident with our wealth of knowledge in providing top-notch supply and installation. Moreover, we uphold our highest standards of workmanship by providing written warranties to all our projects. This way, our clients can have peace of mind should any problem arise in the future.

Polished Concrete Floors Sunshine Coast
Polished Concrete Floors Sunshine Coast

Different Types of Polished Concrete Floors on the Sunshine Coast?

Today, polished concrete floors on the Sunshine Coast are associated with modern and luxurious interior designs. This type of flooring is achieved by grinding a concrete slab using a diamond grinding tool to achieve a more refined look. This aggressive tool removes the concrete’s imperfections, turning it into a flat and flawless surface. With its subtle yet elegant finish, polished concrete floors have quickly risen to fame and varieties were created quickly. You can choose from its three main styles, which include:

Cream Polished
This type of polished concrete does not involve the removal of concrete, allowing the natural variations of the existing ones to remain visible. This creates an organic, marble-like look on the floor.

Salt and Pepper Polished

This concrete finish involves light grinding of the surface, revealing the smallest aggregate in the mix. It is widely used in commercial and industrial properties for its more luxurious appearance.

Aggregate Exposed
This style is heavily ground, exposing the largest aggregate in the concrete surface. It creates a terrazzo-like appearance making it the most opulent looking concrete polish.

How to Take Care of your polished concrete floors on the sunshine coast

If you wish to maintain the high-end look of your space, taking care of your polished concrete floors on the Sunshine Coast is a must. While they are durable, you have to be careful in cleaning the surface to avoid scratches. To help you, here’s a guideline on how to correctly clean your polished concrete floor:

Remove dust daily using a microfiber cloth or vacuum.

If you’re wet mopping the floor, don’t use acidic cleaning agents. Instead, use warm water with neutral cleaning compounds.

Choose a non-abrasive mop.

Clean spills immediately to avoid leaving marks.

Don’t use harsh cleaning agents as it can leave a haze on the polish, spoiling its appearance.

Clean the floor per area to prevent the cleaning solution from drying up on the surface.

Polished Concrete Floors Sunshine Coast

Polished concrete floors will look incredible in your Sunshine Coast business residence. Update your property today and call our team.

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