Some of the hardest uses of our floors come from the aviation industry. Epoxy floors are the ideal solution for hangars and aviation workshops because they are safe, good looking, hard-wearing and with over 10 years’ experience in the industry, Qepoxy can tailor a solution that’s perfect for you. Our large team can tackle big projects and our experienced tradespeople work efficiently to ensure minimal downtime during application.

Durable Floors for Harsh Environments

Wherever there’s engines, there’s oil, grease and fuel to go along with them. Not only are our epoxy flooring solutions suitable for withstanding the foot, vehicle and machinery traffic of a typical hangar or service bay, we can finish our floors with Skydrol resistant coatings that stand up to the harshest chemicals and solvents.

Non-porous epoxy is an excellent choice for hangars. The surface is easy to keep clean of greases and oils, minimising dangerous spills. Our floors are also abrasion and impact resistant to keep them looking better for longer.

We Install Safe and Functional Flooring

Qepoxy has completed several aviation projects and we can carry that experience over when specifying a floor solution that suits you. For areas prone to spills or that are frequently wet, we can add non-slip agents to your floors, making them safer and more functional for everyone on site. Once your floor has been installed, we can also apply signage, logos and line markings.

We take great pride in making our flooring solutions as functional and long-lasting as possible, and our team gives real advice about which of our products will work best for you. Flooring for large areas is a huge investment, so we only work to the highest standards, delivering a finished product you can trust for years to come.

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