Commercial Restaurant Flooring

Qepoxy—Providing The Best Commercial Restaurant Flooring Solutions

If you’re renovating or building your restaurant, you’ll need experts in commercial restaurant flooring. Choose Qepoxy for a long-lasting solution. With our high-quality floors installed, you don’t have to worry about the damages caused by heavy equipment, water, hot oil, and chemicals. Our options include epoxy and polyurethane flooring.

Our flooring specialists are experienced and skilled when it comes to commercial restaurant flooring. They have worked in the flooring industry for over a decade. We are not just experts. In fact, we make it a point to ensure that your flooring is up to standard for the safety of your kitchen staff.

When we install floors, we always keep in mind the strictest OH&S requirements. Your needs will always come first when it comes to our floor installation. Our team will note your specifications and apply them to the finished product. We will work with you closely so that we can create a space suitable for your operations.

Commercial Restaurant Flooring

Our Considerations When it Comes to Commercial Restaurant Flooring

There are several factors we consider before installing your commercial restaurant flooring. Prior to the installation, we will discuss the options with you. As experts, we always take how your restaurant operates into account. Below are the factors we consider determining the best solution for you:

● Lastingness and durability.
Kitchens are normally high-traffic. Furthermore, the equipment you use can put stress on your flooring. We will recommend an option that can resist such daily abuse.

● Remember that commercial restaurant flooring takes time to apply during the early stages of the installation process.

We recommend the most durable material that can lessen the need to maintain it. With excellent materials, you don’t have to worry about replacements soon.

● Anti-slip features.
Fat, oil and grease are always present in the kitchen. That’s why you need to ensure that your space is safe. Anti-slip properties will help you run the restaurant operation even with the presence of slippery materials. 

Commercial Restaurant Flooring

Let Qepoxy Help You With Your Commercial Restaurant Flooring

Our team at Qepoxy only uses the latest systems to bring you the best commercial restaurant flooring. The materials we use are among the industry’s best. Most of all, what we offer delivers more than what traditional flooring can offer.

The satisfaction of our clients is something that we will prioritise above all else. That’s why we only suggest commercial restaurant flooring that will fit your budget. Furthermore, all our work will be done on time so that you can resume the activities of your restaurant, or open your doors for the first time.

“Jacob and his team did an exceptional job on our new restaurant kitchen floor and bar floors. Finished to meet all health and safety regulations. The team worked through the night to finish the project on time. I would have no hesitation in recommending the team at Qepoxy”.

- Jason O'Brien

Commercial Restaurant Flooring

Need to get the commercial flooring for your renovation or new restaurant? Let Qepoxy work on it.

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