Hospital and Medical Flooring

Hospitals and medical clinics need flooring that is both durable and hygienic. Epoxy flooring is an unbeatable material for safety and durability. As leading industry experts, our team can bring you a solution specified to your needs.

A Safe and Long-Wearing Flooring Solution

We understand hospitals and medical facilities must meet strict health and safety requirements. The right flooring is an important part of ensuring patients and staff are safe at your facility.

Epoxy is a durable and safe solution for hospital and medical clinic flooring. It’s extremely hygienic and food-grade certified, as it doesn’t harbor bacteria and is easy to clean. With an extra layer of coating, the epoxy can have a mild to aggressive non-slip quality. What’s more, our team can add any marking your facility might require. It also doesn’t peel up, helping you avoid trip-hazards.

Careful Preparation and Professional Application

We take pride in delivering our clients floors above the industry standard. As with all flooring, the secret to high-quality results is careful preparation and professional application. The Qepoxy team takes the time to prepare a clean, sound substrate suitable for taking the epoxy resin or polyurethane cement.

To ensure all our floors are of the highest quality, we use only the best materials from around the world. Using leading-edge equipment, our skilled tradespeople install the flooring surface promptly. We plan our projects so that there’s minimum downtime and disruption to your operations.

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With a range of flooring options available, our team is looking forward to chatting with you about the best solution. Get in touch for your obligation-free assessment and quote!

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