If you’re building or renovating a dealership, workshop, garage or vehicle showroom, Qepoxy can deliver a tough flooring solution that will handle whatever you can throw at it. We only work using the highest quality products that are durable, practical and easy to clean in even the messiest settings. Not only that, but epoxy and polyurethane floors look fantastic and can add a sleek, modern touch your showroom.

Durable Epoxy with Extended Warranty 

Epoxy is one of the most durable and reliable floor coatings available, and comes with an extended 10-year warranty. To reduce your loss of income throughout installation, we keep your workshop active by completing your new flooring in halves. Aside from durability, epoxy looks great too. With various colour choices and the ability to apply logos, signage and line markings to the coating, we can apply a floor that achieves the style you’re going for. 

Your new epoxy or polyurethane flooring will provide a clean and modern look that sets your showroom apart. With the right UV coatings your floor will retain its colour and lustre for longer, and it will always be easy to keep clean and tidy. Epoxy floors are durable and ideal for areas that need to handle foot and vehicle traffic.

Our team are more than happy to discuss your needs and help develop a floor solution that will look good for years to come.

Tough and Safe Workshop Floors

Wherever there are cars you can count on there being grease, oil, fuel and solvents. Our epoxy flooring options can be customised to suit your project. Whether it’s a workshop, garage or dealership, our team can install a floor that will withstand the harshest chemicals your trade can throw at it.

Epoxy floors are non-porous which makes them easy to clean and very resistant to staining. They last longer and the tough coatings will hold up well under foot and vehicle traffic. Our coatings are abrasion and impact resistant and will prevent any water or oils from seeping through the floor and creating unsafe warping or lifting.

For extra safety we can include non-slip additives in areas that are prone to spills or that are frequently wet. We can also finish an install by applying the safety and line markings your floor needs to keep staff and clients happy.

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