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If you’re looking for high-quality and long-lasting industrial floor covering, epoxy is the answer. Epoxy flooring provides a durable, hard-wearing surface suitable for all industrial uses. It's acid and bacteria-resistant, cures fast and can be made anti-slip when required.

Industrial Epoxy is Low-Maintenance and Cost-Effective

Epoxy flooring is an ideal surface for all industrial areas. Where the everyday activity is tough on floors, epoxy brings a cost-effective and durable solution. Epoxy will keep looking good long after other types of flooring show serious wear.

Oils, solvents, fats, acids, chemicals and blood can quickly eat away unprotected concrete. That’s why a durable covering is essential. Epoxy protects the floor against heavy traffic and has a high level of impact resistance so dropped tools won’t damage it. The epoxy resin also includes stabilisers and UV absorbers to slow the effects of sunlight.

Safe and Compliant Industrial Flooring

Compliance with safety and security standards is a must in many industries. Our industrial epoxy flooring solutions meet the highest accreditation and audit standards set by national, state and territory regulators.

Epoxy is also hygienic – the coating seals the floor, creating a nonporous surface that fluids and bacteria can't get through. Our team can also add an antimicrobial agent to the flooring mix to minimise microorganisms growing on the surface.

What’s more, epoxy flooring can proactively improve health and safety in the workplace. Whether you need an anti-slip floor, line marking or signage, we can deliver a floor that’s ready to use with all the essential safety features.

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Why should I choose epoxy flooring for an industrial space?

Epoxy is a great flooring material for industrial use, as its extremely durable and oil-resistant. For industrial spaces where there is a lot of oil contamination, the oil will not be absorbed into the concrete. For automotive areas with large amounts of vehicle and forklift traffic epoxy coatings are the perfect option as they add longevity and a stylish finish to the workshop floor. Additionally, epoxy can be made non-slip with an extra application, and have line marking add helping industrial premises meet OH&S needs.

How to clean epoxy flooring?

When you get your epoxy flooring from us, we’ll give you a specific cleaning and maintenance manual to ensure your floor reaches its maximal life expectancy. Generally, we recommend cleaning epoxy flooring with soapy water and a clean mop. Then, simply dry mop over with a microfibre cloth.

How thick is epoxy flooring?

Industrial epoxy flooring thickness varies from 600 microns to 4mm. However, the thickness of epoxy flooring varies from job to job. Based on the use of the space, we can make recommendations on the thickness needed. Our floors are in fact warranted based on thickness - the thicker the floor the better the warranty.

How is epoxy flooring made?

Industrial epoxy flooring is made by mixing the two components of epoxy - part A and part B.

Then, the mixture is installed onto the floor. For industrial floors, 2-5 coatings will be needed. The typical procedure for industrial use is 3 coats: primer, base and top-coat.

For some industries with heavy wear and tear, such as the automotive industry, 5 coats will be the recommendation.

How long does epoxy flooring last?

Industrial epoxy flooring lasts 5-20 years, depending on film thickness (what epoxy flooring we have installed). We give each floor a life expectancy form based on the floor thickness and the intended use, based on supplier estimates. Then, we match the warranty accordingly so you can rest assured that your floor will last through its standard lifecycle.

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