Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Whether you're building or renovating a commercial kitchen, you need durable flooring.  We understand commercial kitchen flooring has to endure a great deal. From hot oil to boiling water, heavy equipment, harsh cleaning chemicals and wear and tear from foot and vehicle traffic, the list is long. Epoxy or polyurethane cement flooring is the practical solution for commercial kitchens.

Health and Safety Specialists

Qepoxy has over 10 years' experience in laying epoxy flooring in Brisbane. We understand compliance with safety guidelines and biosecurity standards is a must for hospitality.  Well-laid, non-slip flooring is the foundation of safety in a commercial kitchen. 

Our flooring solutions help you meet even the most stringent OH&S requirements. Epoxy and polyurethane cement create seamless flooring, which eliminates many common flooring problems. Your floor won't lift or become uneven, remaining trip-hazard free. What’s more, water won't be able to get under the floor through grout lines and joins. 

What’s more, epoxy or polyurethane kitchen flooring can maximise facility safety.  We offer a range of extra safety solutions, such as regrading falls to drains and epoxy coving.  Our team can install line marking into the surface or treat it to create mild to aggressive non-slip flooring. We’re the go-to expert for safe solutions in commercial kitchen flooring in Brisbane.

Trusted Specialists in Kitchen Flooring

Our customers’ trust is an utmost priority for us. We work closely with all our clients, keeping you informed at all stages of the process. We work with you to specify the best type of flooring to meet your project objectives on time and within budget. Our service starts with a free, on-site assessment where we explore the alternatives with you to determine the ideal solution.

The secret to high-quality flooring is careful preparation and professional application. At Qepoxy, we take the time to prepare a clean, sound substrate for the epoxy resin or polyurethane cement. We use only the highest quality materials and equipment from around the world. Our skilled and efficient team can install the flooring with the least disruption to you.

Epoxy vs. Polyurethane

We understand every business is different when it comes to the flooring you need. At Qepoxy, we can advise you on the flooring solutions that best suit you.  Epoxy is more resistant to wear-and-tear from standard cleaning and polyurethane cement is more resistant to hot oils and fats. It's a matter of discussing the pros and cons with you, so your choice of flooring is well-informed.

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If your commercial kitchen requires practical, low-maintenance flooring, we have the perfect solution. Our friendly team offers free on-site quotes, so we can better understand your needs. Let’s get your next kitchen flooring project on the way!

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