Emergency Services

For ambulance stations where health and safety are a major concern, durable epoxy floors are a practical choice. The experienced team at Qepoxy offer real advice and quality products that allow us to design the ideal floor. We are a licensed installer for QAS coatings and we are equipped to handle your station’s needs. Our large team can take on projects great and small, and we work efficiently to complete your project with a minimum amount of downtime required.

Epoxy Floors Are Tough and Long-Lasting

Your station is busy with vehicle, foot, gurney and machinery traffic. Epoxy and polyurethane floors can stand up to the heavy use for many years. Our coatings are abrasion and impact resistant, and they won’t peel or bubble as heavy vehicles and gurneys are rolled across them. That means your station remains safer for longer.

We use special UV coatings that keep floors tough and looking good, even in spots with lots of sun exposure. For vehicle parking areas, epoxy floors won’t be damaged or stained by any oil, grease or fuel leaks that may occur.

Medical Grade Flooring Specialists

Floors by Qepoxy have been installed in medical centres right across Brisbane. Our unique 4 coat application results in a thicker floor material that will remain safer for longer. The durable coatings we use not only withstand heavy traffic, they’re easy to clean with even the harshest chemicals. We make the safety and health of your staff and patients a priority by only using high quality, food-grade coatings.

Our floors are an extremely hygienic option. The non-porous surface resists bacterial growth and prevents water or liquids from penetrating the surface. In areas where it’s needed we can also add a range of non-slip coatings that will keep your staff safe from falls.

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