Commercial Flooring Brisbane

Qepoxy—Your Professional Commercial Flooring Experts in Brisbane

At Qepoxy, our commercial flooring in Brisbane is designed to withstand the daily strain of business operations. Even when objected to hot oil, boiling water, chemicals, and heavy equipment scuffs, our floors will last for a long time.

We always recommend our epoxy or polyurethane flooring to businesses. Our expert team in Brisbane will apply the commercial flooring for kitchens, food preparation areas, cold rooms, and more. If your business includes or requires a kitchen, then we recommend polyurethane cement, as it has great resistance to fats and hot oil. On the other hand, if your business only prepares food, epoxy is the best way to go.

Our applicators have over ten years of industry experience in laying down floors. Aside from our expertise, we also produce work that meets OH&S requirements. Our team at Qepoxy services commercial clients, including hospitals, breweries, kitchens, and more!

Commercial Flooring Brisbane
Commercial Flooring Brisbane

Reasons to Choose Commercial Flooring for Your Brisbane Business

Commercial flooring for your Brisbane business should be part of your strategy to impress potential customers. Your business space is just as important as your products and services.

Most business owners don’t consider such an important aspect. But the truth is that floors have the power to communicate to clients. When a customer goes inside your Brisbane office, your commercial flooring is among the first things they will notice. Even aesthetically pleasing floors have the power to increase your customer’s interest.

Aside from the sleek look of a commercial floor, it creates a professional ambience. Low-quality flooring may turn off business partners and customers, as they could get the impression that what you’re selling is also low-quality. Certain flooring styles can be associated with the type of business. When you invest in them, people will easily see your professionalism.

 Safety is another reason why commercial flooring is important. When you invest in high-quality flooring, you will prevent the chances of slips and falls.

Hiring Qepoxy for Commercial Flooring — What We Can Do for Your Brisbane Business

At Qepoxy, we work closely with business owners to ensure that all their commercial flooring needs in Brisbane are met. Our service starts with a free on-site inspection and quote. During this stage, we explore various options and provide you with the best choices. Then, we will start working on your flooring.

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority when providing commercial flooring services to our clients. Our passion is to deliver above the standard solutions for a variety of businesses. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional workmanship and trustworthy services.

“I use the team at Qepoxy for all my business needs. Running a construction company, we understand the requirement to work with a professional, reliable, and quality trade. Qepoxy delivers time and time again. Highly recommend and look forward to the next quality project they will deliver”.

- Adam Robson

Commercial Flooring Brisbane

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If your brewery requires practical, low-maintenance flooring, we have the perfect solution. Our friendly team offers free on-site quotes, so we can better understand your needs. Let’s get your next kitchen flooring project on the way!

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