Automotive Shop Flooring

Qepoxy—Offering High-Quality Automotive Shop Flooring Solutions

If you’re renovating or building your garage, vehicle showroom, dealership or workshop, Qepoxy will deliver the best automotive shop flooring. Our team specialises in complex floors that can resist the wear and tear caused by heavy vehicles.

We only use the industry’s best materials to offer tough automotive shop flooring solutions. When you work with us, you’ll get long-lasting, easy-to-clean, and practical floors that meet the needs of your car business. Aside from these advantages, epoxy and polyurethane floors have an excellent look that gives your showroom a sleek and modern appearance.

Epoxy is the flooring industry’s recommended solution when it comes to reliable and durable floor coatings. This work we provide will come with an extended ten-year warranty. To match your flooring to your business, we can add logos, signage and line markings to the coating.

We want your operations to carry on even while we’re working. That’s why we work on the floor in halves.

Automotive Shop Flooring

Why Choose Us For Your Automotive Shop Flooring Needs

With our automotive shop flooring solutions, you get floors that can resist the damages caused by oil, grease, solvents, and fuel. No matter what chemical you throw at it, our floors can handle it.

Our epoxy automotive shop flooring is non-porous. In other words, it will be easy to clean and is stain resistant. Even the tough coatings cannot match the lastingness of epoxy. The coatings we provide can resist heavy impacts and abrasions as well. They don’t serve as the barrier against oil and water, preventing lifting and warping, which are unsafe.

Your safety is our primary concern. That’s why we include additives that provide slip resistance. These are recommended in areas where spills tend to occur and in spaces that are always wet. We can also apply safety markings for your floor.

Automotive Shop Flooring

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Automotive Shop Flooring

Our automotive shop flooring delivers a clean appearance that adds a unique look to your showroom. Using the best UV coatings enables your floor to keep its lustre and shine for longer.

We are ready to answer any questions you may have about our automotive shop flooring. You can also refer to these questions we’ve compiled for quick answers:

How long will my flooring last? This will depend on the thickness of the film (the epoxy flooring our team installed). Generally speaking, our floors will last for about five to 20 years.

What is the thickness of my flooring? The thickness differs from one job to another. They can be as thin as 600 microns to as thick as 4 mm. Our warranty will be based on the thickness of the flooring. Thicker floors will have longer warranties.

Why is epoxy recommended for automotive applications? Epoxy is not just extremely durable, it is oil-resistant as well. Since car workshops are prone to oil contamination, with epoxy, oil won’t get absorbed by the concrete.

Automotive Shop Flooring

If you have an automotive business, we can help with your shop flooring. Call Qepoxy today.

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