Commercial Kitchen Flooring Sunshine Coast

Qepoxy for Commercial Kitchen Flooring on the Sunshine Coast

Due to the nature of the food industry, commercial kitchen flooring on the Sunshine Coast should be easy to clean and long-lasting. Here at Qepoxy, we deliver high-quality epoxy floors that can withstand harsh environments without compromising appearance. With more than ten years of experience, we have gained the extensive skills necessary to leave you impressed and satisfied.

As one of the leading companies in the epoxy floor industry, our team has been working hard to maintain our highly-coveted name. We are known for delivering results beyond the industry’s standards. As a result, this has made us the most preferred epoxy company on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast and anywhere in Queensland. Our team is dedicated to achieving more than just your satisfaction, but also gaining your confidence and trust. That’s why we provide written warranties to all our floor projects to ensure your peace of mind.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring Sunshine Coast
Commercial Kitchen Flooring Sunshine Coast

Factors You Should Take Into Consideration When Choosing Your Commercial Kitchen Flooring on the Sunshine Coast

Whether you’re building your new restaurant or planning to upgrade your existing one, selecting your commercial kitchen flooring on the Sunshine Coast is crucial. That’s why it’s important to make sure you understand the factors before choosing one. To help you, here are some questions you might need to take into consideration: 

  • Does it Have Anti-Slip Properties?
    As the kitchen gets busy, your employees will most likely run and do their tasks as quickly as they can. For this reason, the kitchen flooring should be safe and non-skid to help avoid any hazardous accidents.
  • Is it Easy to Clean?
    Your employees would greatly appreciate it if the flooring you choose could be quickly cleaned. Moreover, easy to clean floorings is good for keeping out moisture and maintaining hygiene throughout the kitchen.
  • Is it Durable Enough?
    Given that the temperature in the kitchen gets hotter than usual, and tools such as cleavers may accidentally fall, having a tough flooring should be inarguable. It will save you money in the long run and promote safety as well. Moreover, it provides comfort to your employees knowing they’re working on stable ground.

Why Epoxy is the Best Option for Your Commercial Kitchen Flooring on the Sunshine Coast

After a long and tiring shift, food industry workers on the Sunshine Coast know how important it is to have the right commercial kitchen flooring. While there are other options, such as ceramic and vinyl flooring, epoxy has been proven to be the most superior choice. This is because epoxy flooring has water-resistant properties, durability, protects the underlying floor, and is affordable.

Moreover, epoxy flooring is the most hygienic option for its seamless finish, where no bacteria and moisture can seep through and grow. Aside from that, the Qepoxy team only uses products that adhere to the most stringent standards and requirements of OH&S. We can also install additional abrasive markings to ensure all employees are safe from slipping.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring Sunshine Coast

Ensure your employees' safety and your business’ efficiency with our commercial kitchen flooring solutions on the Sunshine Coast. Call our team today for a quotation.

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