Prison environments can make great use of a flooring system that is durable and cost-effective. Qepoxy is a PCCP licensed installer with experience providing quality floors that withstand harsh use. Our coatings are practical and durable, capable of handling foot traffic, cleaning chemicals and are safe for use in food prep or wet areas. We have a large team that can take on major projects, working to realistic timeframes and minimising your downtime during application.

The Safest and Cleanest Floors

Few environments need to stand up to the kinds of stress that prisons do. Designing a floor that will be safe for staff and inmates while remaining easy to clean is an important task. Epoxy floors are tough enough to handle daily use and heavy foot traffic. They are also simple to keep safe and clean with the use of ordinary cleaning supplies.

Not only will epoxy stand up to normal use, it’s more than up to the task of being installed in specialist areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and service rooms. The non-porous finish will resist spills and staining. It is safe for food-grade use and cleaning with even the harshest chemicals. We can design a floor that suits your prison, delivering the performance you need at a cost-effective price point.

Epoxy Flooring Specialists

Qepoxy’s floor solutions are practical and suitable for most areas, such as bathrooms or other wet and flood-prone rooms. Our team will design a floor that suits your needs perfectly, including the use of non-slip coatings where necessary. Any safety markings, lines or floor signage you require can be applied to the finished floor. 

We have a large team capable of tackling big projects and completing them in realistic time frames. You can rely on us to install a cost-effective floor solution that suits your application with a minimum of downtime required. We offer an expert service that specialises in high quality flooring that will serve your facility for many years to come.

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