Flooring Warehouse Brisbane

Qepoxy—Providing Quality Flooring to Every Warehouse We Service in Brisbane

At Qepoxy, we ensure that the flooring of your warehouse in Brisbane is durable, long-lasting, non-slip, and easy to clean. Our company was established in 2016 and has onboard the team flooring specialists with over ten years of experience. We provide and install different types of epoxy and polyurethane cement floors for various kinds of businesses. In particular, we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver the best flooring solutions to warehouse owners.

Our passion lies in delivering excellent flooring solutions to every Brisbane warehouse owner. We go above and beyond when it comes to the work we deliver. Furthermore, customer satisfaction has always been and will always be our top priority. With our trustworthy services, we can exceed your expectations.

We pride ourselves on providing floors of the highest structural standard and visual quality. Moreover, our specialists will see to it that the flooring matches the needs of your operations.

Flooring Warehouse Brisbane

The Best Flooring for Your Warehouse in Brisbane

Originally, warehouse flooring solutions in Brisbane involved coatings, mostly using epoxy, to make an easy-to-clean floor that looks neat. Since concrete is porous, the coatings kept the floor clean.

However, the issue of Brisbane warehouse owners when it comes to this flooring is that installing it is expensive. At the same time, this type of flooring doesn’t last for a long time. The coating flakes and peels, which can look messy and bares the concrete. As a result, it can damage forklift tires, appear dusty, and be bothersome to maintain.

●Qepoxy provides polished concrete to eliminate the porous concrete’s issue. With a tightened surface, the flooring will be easy to maintain.
●With polished concrete, you get an affordable option. It’s even possible to pay half the price of traditional flooring.
●With polished concrete, the life cycle is twice the length of epoxy coatings since topical treatments that wear off aren't included.

Flooring Warehouse Brisbane

Let Qepoxy Help — We Deliver the Best Flooring Solutions for Your Warehouse in Brisbane

At Qepoxy, we acknowledge that the flooring for your warehouse in Brisbane is such a huge investment. That’s why we make every penny worth it when you work with us. As specialists with years in the industry, we provide expert advice that will match the needs of your operations. The solutions we provide last for a long time.

We always explain the warehouse flooring solutions to our Brisbane customers. Before you finalise the flooring type, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages.

Working with us means that you’ll enjoy our smooth process:
●Obligation-free assessment and quote completed on-site.
●We will organise a schedule for the measure-up, planning, and time frame.
●Our team will provide you with written warranties on all floor.
●Every preparation for the job is done diligently. This means you get long-lasting flooring.

We can also work on line markings and logos. This enables businesses to customise their flooring, choosing the design they prefer.

Flooring Warehouse Brisbane

Do you need a professional to install the flooring in your Brisbane warehouse? Call the experts at Qepoxy today.

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