Mechanical Polish

With its shiny covering, mechanically polished concrete is a beautiful yet practical flooring solution. Best suited for indoor spaces, it’s low-maintenance and stain-resistant. Mechanically polished concrete can be polished to your desired level of shine and smoothness, giving you control on the final look.

Long-Lasting Style

One of the main advantages of mechanically polished concrete is that it maintains its look for a long time. This makes it an economical as well as a stylish solution. What’s more, the shiny surface is ideal for increasing the amount of light in your indoor spaces. It’s a floor that’s guaranteed to impress!

Low-Maintenance and Stain-Resistant

For those looking for a solution that is low maintenance, yet visually appealing, mechanical polished concrete is the way to go. Mechanically polished concrete is stain-resistant and easy to clean, making it a durable solution. The mechanical polishing process seals the floor’s surface, making it resistant to oil, water and other substances.

Mechanically polished concrete requires highly skilled craftsmanship to get the best results. With our 10+ years of industry experience, the Qepoxy team can produce floors of the highest quality.

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