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Whether you're building a new facility or renovating an existing one, you need durable flooring. We understand the everyday abuse commercial flooring must withstand: hot oil, boiling water, chemicals, scuffing by equipment and heavy traffic are just a few examples. Epoxy or polyurethane flooring is the perfect solution. Our Brisbane team applies commercial epoxy flooring to a range of facilities, from kitchens to food preparation areas, cold rooms and more.

Why Choose Us For Your Commercial Flooring

With over 10 years' experience in laying flooring, we understand the importance of meeting stringent OH&S requirements. Epoxy and polyurethane cement floors are seamless, eliminating common problems with other floors. Your floor won't lift or become uneven, and water won’t get under the floor through grout lines and joins.

In fact, our flooring can make a positive contribution to OH&S. We can install line marking or make the surface have a mild to aggressive non-slip finish.

Trusted Commercial Epoxy Flooring Experts

We work closely with all our clients to specify the best type of flooring for their project. Our service starts with a free, onsite assessment and quote. This is where we explore all the alternatives with you to determine the best solution. Once we decide on a plan, we take pride in delivering quality work on-time and within budget.

We specialise in epoxy and polyurethane commercial flooring. Out of the two, polyurethane cement has a higher resistance to hot oils and fats. Meanwhile, epoxy has a higher resistance to wear-and-tear from standard cleaning and food preparation. It's a matter of discussing the pros and cons with you, so your choice is well-informed.

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We’re looking forward to chatting about your next commercial flooring project with you. Did you know we’ll tailor a no-obligation solution to suit your specific needs?

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